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34g Solana + Vortech Opinions?


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So I am going to be doing another conversion to save room in my bedroom and also because I am going to be moving out next august and I want to make the move as simple as possible. I will be doing a conversion from a 40g Breeder to a 34g Solana. I have asked a lot of ppl for help and kind of wanted a general opinion from everyone here on the forum. My plans are to have a jbj de k2 viper 250w MH over the top but what I cant figure out is what kind of vortech to get: mp10 mp20 mp40. I would of gotten a nano box but there isnt anyroom in the tank for it to fit :D. Let me know what yall think and why.

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mp10 and go for a 150W MH. 250 will over power that sucker.

At the right height, that 250w will be fine over the Solana. My 150w didn't do it's job very well IMO. I was considering going to a 250w at one point, then decided to go with T5's.

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i ended up going with an mp10 wireless bc i figure in the future even if i go with a bigger tank for the living room i am always going to want a tank in the bed room so ill always have use for it. plus the way the solana is built i thought it would be a good fit. and then im also going with the 250w metal halide. although ill be a little honest i think im afraid of the heat from the halide. but i will still have my built led in the coralife housing as probably supplemental.

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