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Vivid Ulta Blue Tenuis, King Midas/Yellow Zoas


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I did some fragging for my show(s) last week and here's what I have up for sale.

I run a first come, first served policy. Any frag can be held with a paypal payment. Paypal payment must be marked personal

Due to the thanksgiving holidays this week, please pickup your purchase before Thursday (Thanksgiving day)

Vivid Ultra Blue Tenuis, all frags $15: $10

- 2 frags unmounted, both over 1.25" long, one is starting to branch

- 2 frags mounted, 1 is 1.5" long, the other is 1" long

Mother Colony:


Unmounted Frags:


1" Mounted Frag:


1.5" Mounted Frag:


King Midas Zoas:

- 1 frag, 12+ zoas: $25 $15 (in the foreground)

- 1 frag, 8-10 zoas: $20 $15 (in the background, in the shadow)


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