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Tank tear down


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I have 125 gallon salt water aquarium. We are tearing it down. I have lots of live rock. I would estimate 200-250 lbs. ($3 dollars a pound, $2.50 if getting 50 lbs or more) Some have small feather dusters, others have mushrooms, one with a sponge, a small Coral (ricordea) , They are a variety of colors, purple, red, green. The rock on top has more color, the rock not getting the light more plain. First person will get the prettiest rock.

I have 2 hippo tanks ($15 each)

, a yellow tank, ($15)

2 cleaner shrip ($ 15 each)

a beautifal 6 line wrasse, ($15)

5-8 crabs ( $2 each)

Snails ($1 each)

about 50 lbs of sand ($20)

Protein skimmer $50

Fluval canister filter 405 ($100)

Tank is 72x18x24 ($250)

Custom stand ($100)

Current makers ($10 each)

Augmented lights (48 inch t5, $20)





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Ok so apparently the tangs that he was holding for me has been sold right from under my nose...i offered to send a paypal payment as soon as i asked for it but he never responded...i have been asking for a time and place to pick up the tang especially after he told me it was me that had spoken for it but today i got a PM that he sold all the tangs so my question is did anyone get a response to the things that you were trying to buy? has anyone got the things that you Pm'd about or was it just me that got screwed?????????????

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