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frags from tank set up

don duncan

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I have a few frags from my recent tank set up

prices range from $5 to $20

superman monti

poker star monti


pink jade

puprle haze monti

red digi

utlimalte pink stag

garf bonzi


blue bottle brush

Chips acro

Sun Set milli

Silver bullet prostada

unknow green acro

everything is sitting in the tub that I had my coral in

much more

if you are interested pm me for pics

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since there were so many people who wanted photos I took some this morning with my Iphone, so they are not the greatest


They are all in the sandbed to make them stand up

1. Garf Bonsi $25 I have 2 frags

2. Chips Acro $25 I have 1 frag

3. Tri color acro $10

4. Superman Danae $15

5. Ultimate pink stag $20 I have a bigger piece also.

6. Green Milli $10

7. Super Man Monti $25

8, 9, 10. Silver bullet Prostada $20 for the smaller ones (1.5 inches)

11. Unknown green acro $15

12, Poker star monti frags 3x3 atleast $40. Can make smaller frags

There is more, but I did not have time to take pictures

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