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Killeen tank Break Down


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I'm selling off what I can in the next couple weeks. Give me your best offer. Make it a decent offer though, I'm not trying to get rich, but am trying to get back some of the money I spent gathering these(particularly the corals). If I'm unable to sell I have a donation tank in mind.


Blue Hippo Tang

Green Chromis

False Perc. Clown

Lemon peel Damsel

six line wrasse

Pajama Cardinal

Mandarin Dragonett


Coral Banded Shrimp

2-3 Peppermint Shrimp

Pink Cucumber

3 Feather dusters

cleaner shrimp

Corals: (most would be considered frags)

Monti Caps (orange, green, purple, 6 different kinds total)

Various mushroom corals

star polyps

kenya tree

birds nest

star polyps

kryptonite candycane(20-25 heads)

green brain

maroon brain


green slimer

oregon tort

various other sps corals that I don't know the name of.

devils finger(might have butchered the name of this one)

Other Stuff

I also would like to sell off my rocks and sand but not until I sell off all the living critters first.


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Hey guys, Sorry I get tons of PMs to sort through. I've been working allot the last few days, so I'll try to respond to you guys asap. I'm off work tomorrow so maybe I can have people come tommorrow. In fact, my number is 314-477-5156 so if you shoot me a text we can set something up.

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ok guys, I've been dealing with about 20 new incoming numbers on my phone and may have lost some of you in the shuffle. My appoligies. I have sold the blue tang and the cleaner shrimp, along with a few of the frags. I still have lots of frags and fish to pick through. Like I said I'm off tommorrow. Anytime after 10am is fine. 5619 Graphite Dr. Killeen, TX. 76542. Shoot me a text when your on your way. First come first serve because it's too difficult to keep track of everybody. I almost forgot about the rocks. I'm not expecting much for them, but they gotta go, so throw me an offer on some of the rocks while your here. Again, sorry for any confusion. I've been overwhelmed with calls and texts.

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