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Clown Fish with white puffy stuff near gill and where gills touch fins


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Hello All,

I have one clown fish that has some white stuff near both gills. And his fins that touch his gills has it there too. What could it be? I will try to get a picture tonight to show ya'll. I only have one 29 gallon tank (no quarantine).

He is eating great and swims around like nothing is wrong. I have seen him rub against a rock or two, but not very often and he did this before the white stuff showed up.

What is it? Can I leave him in there or should he be removed?

thanks, Derek

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You might check my most recent posts about it (http://www.austinree...h__1#entry99064). I had the same thing on my clown and treated with Maracyn, Maracyn2, and finally QuickCure. I would pull him and put him in a QT tank. The QuickCure did the trick for me and costs about $3. I have a 12g eclipse that I used for QT that you're welcome to borrow.

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