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Frogspawn question


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Has anyone seen a Frogspawn randomly pop up in their LR? I have a small, 12 head, colony of frogspawn. I noticed this morning about six inches away from the closest branch was a little tiny frogspawn head coming out of the LR. I thought this was pretty cool, but I was curious if anyone else has ever seen this.

Alright, well I tried to upload a pic, but for some reason the forum keeps telling me "Error No file was selected for upload". I am 100% sure this is a frogspawn head and not a hitchhiker.

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Mine will drop off little pieces and float around the tank, sometimes they land on sps and sting them. I'm not sure if they do this out of defense, propagate, or both. Derek is right they usually die after a week or so which makes me think that its more of a defense mechanism. Stress triggers it too, when I first turned on my wave boxes the extra water movement caused several of my frogspawn to do that...I had to get my net in the tank to catch them.

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Sounds like polyp "balls" to me (The Reef Aquarium Vol 1 pg 69). A small polyp will form in the tissue of a mature polyp with a skeleton that's not connected to the rest of the colony and will eventually pull free of the parent polyp.

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