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Copperband Butterfly

Salt Dreams

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Ive notice him picking at the rocks after feeding the tank. He is still shy so he doesnt comeout until I am finishing feeding. Ive had him for about 2 months now. I orginally purchased him for an aiptasia spread that I was having, he wasnt doing to well with it so I bought 5 peps to do the job. And I must say a job well done. But I recently purchased a yellow tang and down need his color variation in the tank anylonger. He is about 3 inchs.

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clarification he picks at the rocks all day long and when i go in the tank to feed I have tried to hand feed him but he runs until my hand is no longer in the tank then he comes out and picks at the rocks more. I can not promise you that he eats frozen but he does pick in the area where I feed the corals in the rocks. I got that yellow tang and I need to lighten my load so I can get a jaw fish also if he eating pods I dont want to starve my mandarins...

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