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Pakistan Butterfly


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Well, I rolled the dice and turned up snake eyes with a Pakistan Butterfly I recently had gotten. He looked to be a pretty good citizen when I first added him to the tank. But then I noticed all the orange ball anemones disappeared (which was ok, I considered them a minor pest). But then I came back from a long weekend vacation, and my zoas have been ravaged. He has pretty much ate all of the skirts off of my zoas. And I think he ate most of a brain that was recovering.

Here is current in the hang on fuge I have on my tank... I almost flushed him due to frustration as my tank was finally recovering from a light scorching.

Looking to see if anyone is interested in him for $30 OBO. If I don't hear from anyone by the weekend, will take him to a LFS.

I am located in Buda (since the board is not showing locations at the moment).

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I just did some googlin and it looks like these guys need multiple feedings, do you have an auto feeder? I have several questionables like that in my tank and I compensate by keeping their bellies full

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