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Hammer Colony, BirdsNest Colony


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For sale,

Hammer Colonies - $20 each

I have three multi-head colonies available. Large and healthy

post-195-056096800 1280189398_thumb.jpg

Birdsnest colony - $20

post-195-049268800 1280189456_thumb.jpg


post-195-065795500 1280189478_thumb.jpg

$25 4" Palau Nepthea

post-195-021085400 1280189727_thumb.jpg

Where they live.

post-195-004951100 1280189883_thumb.jpg

As usual I am open to trades as well. You can pick up

Tuesday 5PM-8PM

Thursday 5PM-8PM.



post-195-027169200 1280189527_thumb.jpg

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I only have one hybrid frog spawn I like Lps I still need a Duncan a hammer and a bubble coral! Looking looking looking!

ahh thats cool!! I know me too LPS are very pretty... definately a fav of mine!!

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If you have any of the hammer coral not spoken for I would like to either trade or buy it. Lamont and I are close if you want to come shopping :lol:

I have corals listed for sale if you want to take a look.

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