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HVAC Question


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Hello, this question is for all the knowledgeable HVAC persons on the forum. Where does one go to buy HVAC supplies and parts? I am looking for a bare Schrader valve with a 1/4" stem.



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I usually get my HVAC parts from Johnson Supply:

9416 Neils Thompson


Austin, Texas 78758


Phone: 512-977-0100

Fax: 512-977-0275

Toll-Free: 800-779-6436

Email: [email protected]

Store Hours

7:30 am - 5:00 pm, M-F

You can also try Morrison Supply, which is right down the road from RCA:

Morrison Supply

(512) 219-8335

12301 Roxie Drive

Austin, TX 78729-7123

17.56 miles away

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