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Raw White Rice for Solid Carbon Dosing


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Sorry, while there may often be a homebrew approach to almost anything/everything - this is no more a miracle/discovery than some dude making a thread about his $5 used-to-be-a-bottle-but-now-it's-a-protein-skimmer answer to everyone's 'overpriced cone skimmers.'

(referring to the RC link, not this thread)

That being said.. do I feel like maybe I wasted any money, or could have been cheaper about my personal nitrate reactor?

No way! :) I feel like I got the best of both worlds, and achieved a very quality solution for a very affordable price.. I've got a Two Little Fishies PhosBan 550 reactor & one liter of Warner Marine ekoBAK pellets - both of which I feel are quality products from brands I trust. This combo will cost the average person about $120 + S/H, and will allow for anywhere between 12-18 months of handling a heavily stocked 150-200gal aquarium.

Besides the fact that it's a set & forget solution that I don't have to truly monitor or maintenance.. I do it because I don't want to mess with anything in my system on the regular. The more things I can set up and have maintain themselves, be automated, or just help me keep my hands out of the tank - the better! Throwing rice in a baggie, cleaning it out and replacing it at least 1-2x a week would have never been an option I'd consider, but for any who ARE considering it, please allow for more time & many more guinea pigs to pass by before you put it to use.

Finally, for the sake of people on the board here giving this a shot: PLEASE be aware that rice is no different from a piece of produce in the sense that farmers are using chemicals/pesticides on their crops. I would never personally eat rice/produce that wasn't well washed, and I typically opt for organic sources in the first place. I would strongly suggest that if this were to be put to the test, you were to wash your rice very well (if you don't wash the rice you cook & eat already, shame on you!) and hopefully use an organic crop.

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I just want to make sure that everyone knows that i am not advising that you put rice in your tank, i just find this experiment very interesting. and it if works it could be an option (as far as dosing your tank every day with vodka or sugar).

I am presently switching from vodka to Vertex bio pellets. so i am not personally going to use rice, i just thought it was interesting.

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here is a link to an updated post on RC, with no ill effects so far.


And Crab, the posed scientific paper is of rice husks not the actual white rice grain.

If you read the entire thread (12 pages, alot i know) you will find it very informative,

Still not recommending it thought . (i have 500ml of vertex pro pellets that i have to use first, and will not recommend it until i have used it)

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