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180 Gallon Oceanic


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I will be selling my current tank and stand after my new tank is up and running. My new tank should be here the 24th and we have to be out of this house by July 31st so I need to get this bad boy out by then. Im going to try and coordinate it so I only have to move this tank to someone elses house instead of to the new house then to someone elses. So long story short it ought to be available for moving the last week of July.

Tank and stand and light rack- $650

Sump-$50 made by Dan (pending)

Oceanic sump(56 gallon)- $75 available now

Other misc stuff will be added as it becomes available but I would really like to nail down a buyer for the tank and stand to minimize moving it. It does have scatches on the front glass from the previous owner.

For pics please refer to this thread- http://www.maast.org/showthread.php?53931-My-upgrade-to-180

But if you want any others shot just let me know.

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The sump is pending as of now. I will attach some pics of it. If it goes through I will let you know. I never got a pm so I am not sure what happend there?

Sorry for the late responses I am working nights the rest of this week.

post-796-011226800 1279702482_thumb.jpg

post-796-047501100 1279702535_thumb.jpg

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