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110g Long Glass Tank (SOLD)


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I'm still working on my 240g, which is still a long way from being completed, so in the meantime I've been looking for a used tank because my 75g is at capacity.

I bought a used 110g long tank, canopy, & stand, but when I got the tank home, I realized that the silicone has a blue/green tint, which indicates that the tank has been treated with either malachite or copper, which is risky for a reef tank. There are debates on both sides of this argument, but I personally don't want to chance it.

It could still be used for a fish-only saltwater system or a freshwater set-up (even a reptile cage).

I haven't tested it for leaks (other than the 5g of RO water and vinegar I used to clean it), but the previous owner assured me it doesn't leak.



— 72 x 19 x 19 (glass dimensions).

— 72.5 x 19.5 x 20 (at the braces, which are brown/oak colored).

— Not drilled.

— Top bracing divides the tank into three sections, with the center section covered in glass (similar to Oceanic or DSA tanks).

— The glass is really pristine, i.e., I can't seem to find any scratches.

$50 — TANK ONLY (I'm keeping the stand/canopy).

It's already been cleaned!

I can help load it into your vehicle, i.e., just me and one other person can lift it. I won't be around tonight, but I work from home, so this can basically be picked-up anytime starting tomorrow.

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