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Control your Neptune Controller with your Smart Phone


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I'm sure I've left some steps out. If you need help just send me a pm.

Thanks to mframe for testing the steps. And I would like to give credit to Ken Argo for writing this fantastic program.

TankManager is a web-based application for your cell phone browser that allows you to remotely monitor your tank's status. More impressively, it allows you to access and control your Neptune Aqua Controller (supported versions include: the all versions of the Apex, Aqua Controller 3, Aqua Controller 3 Pro (firmware version 3.4 or greater), and Aqua Controller Jr. (with installed AcSerial2Web - a PC application).

Setting up TankManager is a fairly simple process if you follow these steps.


1. Most users' home internet connection utilizes a Dynamic IP Address. This means that the public address (the address used from outside the home) used to connect to the home may change over time. This can complicate the steps needed to connect to your network from outside, so to prevent this you can use the free service DynDNS account at: https://www.dyndns.com.

To create your free DynDNS account, go to the website.

•Create an easy to remember name for your "host", this will become the name of your TankManager website. Example: myreef.podzone.net Write this name down.

•Choose "Host with IP address" as service type.

•Use the "Auto Detected IP address" to get your home IP Address.

•Leave the "Mail Routing" unchecked.

•Click "Add to cart."


2. Get the "Net Set-up" information from your AC3.

•Open your web browser and type in the URL of your unit.

Default is

•Type your user name and password

•On the left side of the window click on "Net Setup"

•The page below will appear.


3. Most users' home network will have a firewall. Firewalls attempt to prevent outsiders from being able to access your home network, but by default they usually also prevent you from communicating with the outside world unless you specifically allow it. You will therefore need to create an exception for your AC3 on port 80; this is the port that your computer uses to serve up web pages.

•Navigate to your Firewall for your particular OS.

•Add the Exception to your Firewall


4. Now you need to set up port forwarding on your router. Basically, this tells your router how to direct TankManager requests to your AC3 within your network.

If your router supports the DynDNS service then this step is easy, you simply enter the URL you created earlier. Your router will monitor your Dynamic IP address for changes and will notify DynDNS of those changes. You can check here to see if your router supports DynDNS (http://www.dyndns.co...ients/hardware/).

If your router does NOT support DynDNS there is an alternate solution. It's a little more complicated but still fairly easy to implement. Since your router will not automatically notify DynDNS of IP address changes you will need to run what is called an Update Client. This is an application that runs on your computer that monitors your IP address and will notify DynDNS of changes. Update Clients are available for Windows, Mac/OS X, and Linux here (http://www.dyndns.com/support/clients/).

Additionally, below you will see a list of guides for routers and firewalls that do not natively support DynDNS. These documents provide step-by-step guides on how to setup port forwarding.






Once you have your port forwarding setup for your router, it's a good idea to test it using one of the following tests:





You've finished the pre-requisites, now pat yourself on the back for a job well done before moving on to setting up TankManager.

1. Create an Account: TankManager.


•Username put whatever you want - this is how you access your account.

•Password again your choice – this is how you access your account

•Email address – your email address

•Refresh time set for whatever you want

•Preference Email– I would leave blank you don't want to receive an email every time you access TankManager

•Preference – choose between buttons or drop down, button looks best.

•Graph height

i.Pre – leave blank

ii.Blackberry = 250

•Graph width

i.Pre – leave blank

ii.Blackberry – 400

•Graph sub-sampling (minutes) – set to often you want the graphs to update information.

•Save the info.

2. Finally we will set up the Tank information in TankManager


•Display name – what ever you want to call you tank

•Host URL – the address you set up in DynDNS but without the www.

•Port – the port you are forwarding you AC3 to (default is 80)

•Username – AC3 username (default admin)

•Password – AC3 password (default 1234)

•Save the info.

3. Now using the web browser on you smart phone go to: http://www.kenargo.com/tankManager/

If you are using a Blackcerry I strongly suggest you download Opera Mobile Browser.

4. Check the "remember me" box and hit the "Sign in" button.


You are now in control of your Neptune Controller!


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