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SOLD!!! Live Rock and Garf Rock

Chad and Belinda

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We did our final aquascaping last night courtesy of Finfriend :) and ended up with 63 lbs of regular live rock. This is well established rock. $2.25 lb. I also have 2 pieces of GARF rock @ $3.00 lb. One piece weighs 13.4 lbs and the 2nd one weighing 4.6 lbs.

It's in my living room in a tub with water, heater and powerheads and airpumps


Live Rock $2.25 lb

post-398-078155900 1279033928_thumb.jpg

Garf Live Rock $3.00 lb (this rock weighs 13.4 lbs)

post-398-024272400 1279033944_thumb.jpg

Garf Live Rock $3.00 lb (this rock weighs 4.6 lbs)

post-398-062762300 1279033966_thumb.jpg

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