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60 gallon rimless


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Will sell tank only for $200


will include a brand new 400 watt digital Sunlight Supply ballast, Daystar reflector, dual clip on 24" HO T5 actinics with 6 month old bulbs, and a 12k reeflux bulb also 6 months old, as pictured for $475

Price is firm on both


post-1255-022012500 1278959086_thumb.jpg

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Is that olaggie's old tank? If so....did you fix the glass chip in the bottom?

Yes I think so and yes, A friend of mine bought it and I helped him pick it up. Nice guy. Since it was such a small chip on the bottom I just put a little 2 part liquid epoxy on it. I didn't even need to do that, the tank is solid.

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I have sent this page link to a MAAST member that may be interested in the tank. I am considering the light setup for myself. By the way, thanks for the skimmer, it works great.

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Cool! Thanks

The lighting with the tank is a steal. New just the lighting cost more than what I'm asking for the entire setup, and the ballast is still in the box, never even been plugged in.

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Need this gone

Will sell



400 watt 6 month old bulb

USED 400 watt magnetic ballast (not the new ballast mentioned above)


Price is firm!!!!!

Add a eshopps sump for $40!

Add dual magnetic brackets with dual actinics $35!

For $350 get almost everything that you need for a reef tank....simply can't beat the price! Will no part out for these prices, must buy all together.

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Just wanted to let everyone aware of the details since I received a PM about the tank. The tank is about 2.5 years old, 1/2" glass all around, and I sold the tank to Hydro's friend for $50 last fall. The tank was dropped during shipment and the 2 front corners were chipped. I let the tank sit with water for a month after the incident and it held water but I was not comfortable with the tank in a rental house.

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Yes although it isn't anyones business what he paid for it he did take a chance on the tank and it had no problems holding water since last fall. The chips are really minor and do not even extend under the edge of the mating glass. Besides that we dropped a little epoxy on the areas for good measure. It was an awesome deal at $50 b/c the tank was solid although it had the chips, and its still and awesome deal at $150. Just b/c you weren't comfortable with it doesn't mean that anybody else shouldn't be. When I saw it I thought that you thought it was a much bigger deal than it actually was.

sold to reefhunter

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Thanks for the tank Steve. My son can't stop talking about it.

He is still asking me when can he put the corals you gave him in it.

I am looking forward to seeing you guys again to pick up some more frags to fill

this baby up.

Will post tank build in the "do it yourself" section sometimes this week.

I got tank on stand and water fully loaded right now.

Now searching for pump,protien skimmer,live sand and rock. Man...

starting a new tank from scratch is exp$$$$!

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Your son is a smart boy, I think that its really cool how much he likes the hobby. He was looking at our tank and taking pictures nearly the whole time you guys were there, not many kids would have even cared, especially about corals.

New tank expensive....tell me about it! Try craigslist for the rest of the parts, I've always had good luck there.

May I suggest not using live sand? You will instantly get bad and good things in your tank, mainly algae is the disadvantage. I would use some coarse dry sand and just fill your new tank with water from a waterchange from your main tank. You can even throw a handful of your display tank sand in their to get things kicked off. Also at fishy business they have this stuff called TLC that works great for new tanks for seeding them with the right bacteria.

RC will order you live rock at a discounted price but you have to buy at least 50 lbs I think, he will usually order 200 lbs and you get to pick from that once it comes in. I ended up getting my LR off of craigslist...people taking down their tanks.

Keep us posted!

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