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The Ultimate RO/DI System (Kent Maxxima Hi-S) - 35GPD


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I have a Kent RO/DI Maxxima 4-Stage with Clear Filters. It produces 35 GPD and comes with a pressure gauge, inline dual TDS meter, Kent Marine Flush Valve Kit, and a garden hose adaptor (which I used only to direct waste water to plants, etc.) I used a saddle piercing valve to tie directly into my hot water heater feed line.

This package also includes the (2) 35 gallon plastic storage containers. I used one for Fresh and mixed salt in the other, but you can use however you want. I have a powerhead in the salt water that ran all the time to keep it mixed well. It also includes the metal stand you see the two containers sitting on. This is a very nice package and produced a lot of pure water for me. It hasn't been run in about 6 months so you might want new filters or to at least keep an eye on the TDS meter to see if they need replacing. All this can be yours for $375. This is a phenomanal setup.

I do accept Paypal. Please call me at 512.635.6925 if you are interested. I will be out and about some this morning. Located in Georgetown.

Lee Hoy



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looks nicer than the trash can I have in my garage.. I need a DI system anyway.. hmmmmm... Ill have to ask the boss, and it will have to be after we get back from vacation on the 18th.

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