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Too much light?


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Having seen how much more light is put out by the newer MH fixtures and electronic ballasts the first part of May I upgraded one of my tanks from older 400 watt metal halides with generic reflectors and old school magnetic ballasts to 250 watt HQI bulbs with Lumenmax reflectors and electonic ballasts. It effectively doubled the amount of light at the surface measured with a lux meter. Most of the corals have shown improved growth but a couple of birdsnest colonies, Seriatopora sp., have shown a dramatic change in growth. The one pictured here appears to have at least doubled it's mass (sorry I can't find my 'before' pictures, you'll have to trust me :huh: ). What fascinates me is it is also now growing AWAY from the light. At the time of the change over, all the branchs were angled upwards at some angle. I've also lost most of the pink coloration in all the colonies, it now being predominately purple and orange tinted brown (brown tinted orange?).

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