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tanks and lights


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i have a few things i need to get rid of. all prices are OBO, please help!

20g long with stand not drilled $40

29g tall with stand not drilled $60

36" current t5 light with 4 t5's and built in timers $150

36" current pc light with 4 pc's $80

4 36" 96watt pc lights with individual ballasts with reflector $100 for all

12g JBJ cube with 70 watt mh $160

also have other misc equipment

the more you buy the cheaper i'll go

you can call me @ 254-931-7486 or email @ [email protected]

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Do you have a pic of the nanocube you can post? Does it have a hood w/installed light? Do you have a stand for the 12gal? I might also be interested in just the stand for the 29 tall if you have a pic of that too.


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