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equipment garage sale and frag sell/swap


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We are having an equipment garage sale at my office on Sat. the 10th. There is room to bring your equipment to sell and there will be plenty of equipment to buy. We will also have a tank setup with MH/actinic lighting and frag racks if anyone wants to sell/trade any of their corals.

Some equipment includes (2) 72 gallon bowfront tanks, a 175 bowfront, skimmer, sumps, pumps, reflectors, several 400 watt ballasts, 175 ballasts, bulbs, and much more.

We will selling/trading corals right out of our new tank! Starts at 11, please PM for address so that I can get an accurate head count.

Some corals avaialble

Red planet<LI>Sunset mili<LI>tubs pink jade<LI>pink lemonade<LI>incredible hulk<LI>Corbins tort<LI>hydnophora<LI>seafoam acro<LI>ORA green porcilapora <LI>Blood red lobo<LI>mohawk zoas<LI>longhorn palys<LI>Candy cane both colors green and blueemerald stag<LI>"A" insignis sps<LI>Hyacinth bird nest<LI>Tri color<LI>garf bonsai<LI>miyagi tort<LI>ORA stylophora<LI>ORA chips (very nice)

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U have pic and price of blood red lobo

Here you go, $50 for a small (2") and $75 for the larger head (3") that is about to split. The pic of the one attached to the rock is not for sale. I'm not sure if this is a lobo though, it's the only one I have ever seen in person and on the net.

post-1255-040983800 1278376379_thumb.jpg

post-1255-077578600 1278376407_thumb.jpg

post-1255-070604100 1278376429_thumb.jpg

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