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Great looking zoas and some other coral for sale

Chad and Belinda

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Want to clean off my tank bed…will hold any frag with paypal payment.

Lunar Eclipse 4 polyps - $25

Blowpops 7polyps for $10 PENDING

2 Sunflower polyps $5 PENDING

Miami Hurricane Zoas 7 polyps - $15 PENDING

Tennis ball size of neon green star polyps - $15

Neon green star polyps frags - $5

(picture taken off the internet)

post-398-039014200 1278118791_thumb.jpg

Fire and Ice Digi - $20

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hi Belinda, i take 2polys sunflower $5. 7polys miami hurrican $15. 6 polys watermelon $15...can i have a free figi frag w/ this? :( ...

i lost ur #. call me after 5pm tomorrow. i'll bring cash ...please.

Vu 512-903-7773....thanks

Sounds good. Will do. I do still have some purple digi left :D

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