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Need help with overflow


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I need help designing my overflow! I didn't post this in the DIY because I'm having it built. My tank is 20x20x16 that I just had built. I'd like to have a center overflow on the back panel or in one of the corners, but I am confused about size and shape. Pros and cons of either design?

Should I go with a trapezoid or rectangular shape?

I am also curious about the possibility of drilling my tank from the bottom. Any thoughts?

I hope I'm not asking too many questions!

This will be my first tank with an internal overflow, so I'd really like some decent advice as far as bulkhead size and where the hole should be drilled.


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I'd make sure it's big enough to get your hand in if you ever have to fish anything out. I'd say the deciding factor on whether to go in a corner or center depends more on aesthetics than functionality - if you're hiding it with rock which way will look better to you. I like having the bulkhead on the bottom of the overflow but can't say there's anything wrong functionally with putting it on the back or side, aesthetics again. A 1" bulkhead will safely drain 1000 GPH so with about a 25 gal tank you should be able to do whatever flow rate you want through your sump. I gone with overflows with teeth (combs) and without and prefer no teeth for the simple reason it's easier to clean algae off it, I know pretty lazy of me. As far as too many questions I've been keeping saltwater now for over 20 years and have a whole G*&^%S@#$ LOAD more now than when I started, can't ever get an answer that doesn't generate more questions so get used to it.:(

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