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Filtration upgrade ?


Fuge or NP biopellets   

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Im about to redo my sump and have a couple of questions.

First im upgrading my skimmer to a Bubble magus nac6a or nac7 cone, and i plan to either do a fuge or run NP biopellets.

the fuge would have to be somewhat small, so im not sure if it is worth it.

Which do you think would be better,

small fuge (about 2.5 gallons)

or running NP biopellets in a fluidized bed filter.

Thanks for the input.

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I wouldn't necessarily jump straight to only NB Biopellets - Warner Marine, Two Little Fishies, and at least one other US-based brand now has the same product, just offered for a much lower price. I bought the Warner Marine ecoBAK pellets myself, you can read more specifically about their use & others experiences here: http://www.3reef.com/forums/general-reef-topics/my-warner-marine-ecobak-journey-89093.html & http://www.alexreef.com/news/warner-marine-ecobak-biopellets-solid-vodka-dosing

Hope that helps.

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With your 40gallon system, I think I would consider one of two non-refugium moves. Either the NP pellets or changing to the BioActiv salt that is such the talk on Reef Central. If I wasn't running Zeo, I would give the BioActiv salt a try for keeping nutrients down in my 120. Refugiums are a bit messy and a 2.5gallon fuge is not going to host all that much macro algae and rubble rock and will be something of a mess to maintain. I am a believer in keeping things simple and another resevoir to collect detritus and funk is not on the top of my list for things to add to the tank.

The NP pellets method that has come to fruition in the reef keeping world seems to be a rather interesting method. True, another reactor in the old sump, but the biology behind it may be found to be a standard approach to SPS and reef keeping over time. Give it some thought...

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