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Nuclear Green Candy Cane **PRICE DROP**


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I'm going to be moving my tank in a month or so and I'm thinking I should get rid of some extra frags. I have several small frags of three to maybe 7 heads. I'll sell for $6/head $4/head (I'll do a volume discount on the larger frags).

These are at my office (Parmer Eye Care at Parmer & Mopac) so I'd like the buyer to pick them up there on weekdays if possible, but I could also arrange to bring them to Georgetown where I live if needed.

I also have lots of fuzzy mushrooms and red mushrooms currently attached to rocks and some pink zoas and bright green zoas (you can see some of them in the first pic) I could peel off the glass. Let me know if you're interested in these and we'll figure out a price.

The only pic I have of the candy canes is an old one, but the ones I'm selling are either the same ones or frags of this:


And here is the original softball sized colony, which unfortunately went through a rough time and had to be fragged into these smaller ones and nursed back to health. They're doing great but not quite back to their former glory yet.


Because I've been known to forget to check my messages here sometimes, I'm going to post my phone number which I normally don't do online. Please PM first (to establish the order of who asked first) and only call with serious inquiries. 512 964-2015 Thanks.

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Dropping by is okay, but I may be with a patient and unable to come out right away. You're welcome to look anytime we're open (8-6 Mon, Tues, Fri and 8-7 Wed and Thurs, some Saturdays from 9-2) but I'd like to be there when we get things out. I'm usually there from 8:30-2 except Thursdays I work until 7 and I do take a lunch, usually sometime between 1:00 and 2:30.

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