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Tradewind 1/2 HP Chiller


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For sale is a 2 tear old Tradewind 1/2 HP top of the line chiller. This thing is a beast and does a great job. This thing would cost around $1200 new. I'll let it go for $500

TradeWind Chillers feature:

**Condensing unit made by the Copeland Corporation, the most reliable in the industry.

**Molded threaded inlet and outlet on inline models

**Rugged, powder-coated steel cover that resists corrosion

**Super Flexible drop-in coil, the most flexible in the industry.

**Easy to program electronic controller, available in single or dual stage and accurate

up to 1 degree.

**Well probe for controller sensor prevents freeze-ups and prolongs sensor life.

**Insulated refrigerant lines to prevent condensation.

**Side inlet and outlet on inline units makes for a clean installation, while also allowing

the removal of the cover without disconnecting the plumbing.

**Every unit built is water-run tested.

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Hi Andy,

Can you please tell us what condition is your chiller in and why you want to sell it? I would like to get some back ground before I decide to spend some money on it if you don't mind :grin:

by the way, I think your inbox is full...


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My tank is now empty and I am getting out of the hobby. If I was staying in this would be my chiller for many years to come. The chiller is approx. 2 years old and works great. Check out the reviews on this and you will see this is a heck of a chiller at a fraction of the new price.

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