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Tank pictures with LED stunner


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I have read some of the discussion here about the LED stunner lights and what they look like. I have 1 strip on my 120 gallon. It doesn't do much when the MH are on, but they look cool as moon lights.

Here are some pictures with the 250 watt 10k MH and the stunners.

post-305-026781800 1277162623_thumb.jpg

post-305-051644500 1277162654_thumb.jpg

post-305-039813100 1277162704_thumb.jpg

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Yup, it's hard to capture how awesome they are in a picture. I have one UV and one blue in my 12g nanocube and it looks awesome.

I was surprised with the UV strips - as they are not blinding to the eye, or even a real light-source over the tank. I got my Stunner strips yesterday, and immediately did a photo test with them - they're definitely a pleasant surprise.

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