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Live Rock and Sand for Sale


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Hi Everyone,

I have the following live rock, sand and livestock available (see pictures below):

Live Rock with plate coral $30

Live Rock with pulse corals $20

Live Rock with zoas $25

Live Rock with Hawaiian Fan worm $20

Live Rock with yellow sea sponge $35

smaller live rock $5 each

medium/large live rock $10 each

Live sand (enough to cover bottom of 29 gal) $40

Hermit crab $5

Corals still available: Bubble Coral $40, Trumpet Coral $25, Plate Coral fragments $5

Fish still available (price reduced!): Royal Gramma $25, Yellow Watchman Goby $25

Willing to make deal for multiple pieces!

post-1201-088778500 1277044098_thumb.jpg

post-1201-074888500 1277044203_thumb.jpg

post-1201-066241700 1277044530_thumb.jpg

post-1201-051601200 1277044609_thumb.jpg

post-1201-008952500 1277044872_thumb.jpg

post-1201-046689400 1277044963_thumb.jpg

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Hi All,

Only live rock left is one's with corals. LR w/zoas, LR w/plate, LR w/pulse corals, LR w/fan worm, LR w/sea sponge, live sand, bubble coral, trumpet coral, royal gramma and watchman goby.

PM me your interests!


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