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Live rock and sand


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I have around 250 pounds of live rock that I will to part with at a cheap price, this rock has some hair algae on it. Most of the rock still has zoa's and other corals on it.

Selling it all for $300 Pending

300 pounds of live sand


Bring your own buckets, this tank is being broke down by tomorrow and any live rock left over I will let it become dry rock.

Any questions please call


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Yeah...welcome to my life. Now that we re-aquascaped (including getting rid of all crushed coral) we have a lot of space to fill. On top of that, all we have is a lot of smaller rock which doesn't help so I'll have to get rid of that too later. We need bigger pieces than what we have. I've always been a huge fan of Danny's tank so this is great timing for us.

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