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Tyree Tri-Color Valida


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I have several large frags of this coral mounted on plugs. Each plug has over 2-4 pieces with multiple branches. The frags measure 2-3" tall. Can supply photos of the frags upon request.

This was purchased from GKarsen when he broke down his tank due to majanos. Cmanning and I split the mother colony. Gabe can verify the pedigree

$50 per plug CASH ONLY

First come first served.

Thanks for looking.



Under actinics:


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Yes Gabe got this coral from me, I got it from Yikan who got it from Tyree himself. It truley is a fine tri-color and these prices are very low. Compare a skinny one inch frag with a single branch on other sites @ $60.00 per tiny frag. Good luck!

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