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LE Frag Pack (only 1 available)


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One frag pack of the following is available for $90. Please see other of my threads for photos.

1) Tyree LE War Coral (about 6 heads)

2) Tyree LE Meteor Shower (about 1"x3/4")

3) Golf Ball sized colony of the Electric Stylo

4) Tyree LE Pastel War and Peace Favia (1 head)

5) Orange Creamsicle Zoas (about 20)

6) Tyree LE Rainbow Monti (3"x 1")

7) Leng Sy Cap from ATL (about 2")

8) X-mas Favia (about 3 heads)

9) Tyree LE Purple Green Eyes Cyphastrea Japonica (about 3/4")

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