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Uh, oh...what did my wife just allow me to get into?


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Our anniversary is in about a week and a half, and Father's Day is a few weeks after that.

Today I said, "Unless you have something specific you want to get me I'd rather have forgiveness for what I spend to upgrade my tank."

And she didn't bat an eye... hyper.gifhyper.gif

Thinking about upgrading from my 75g to a 5x2x2 150g...ish...

I just might be picky enough to have to custom order.

Dream setup at the moment would be:

No center brace (might settle for a really small one)

Front and left side Starfire (right side isn't in a very viewable space, but I figure most will come with that side starfire too)

External Calfo overflow (to maximize tank space and flow)

What else should be on my list?

Of course, this will mean building a new stand...and having to build/buy a new sump. devil.gif

Debating the idea of starting over with dead rock so I can aquascape exactly as I'd like.

Currently in dream/planning stages. After some vacations this summer these will become more concrete.

Of course, I'll also be keeping my eyes open for someone selling something that's close or adaptable to what I'm looking for.

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I priced Glass Cages, but I'm not thrilled with the idea of having to clean up the silicone.

I figure at some point I'll visit Kingfish and ask them about AGE.

I haven't heard of Elos.

I figure I'll have to get **** lucky to find exactly what I want already built.

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With Glasscages.com it wasn't such a big deal to clean up the silicone...it was the overall attention to detail that I was dissapointed with. Also terrible customer service and the owner is an ***hole too. Fortunately all of the ugly areas will be hidden by either paint, stand, or canopy so I didn't reall mind so much. If the tank is rimless it will look better, there are less areas to make messy. Medi's 100 gallon rimless looked great minus some extra caulking that was easily removed, its all the bracing on top of my tank that is sloppily glued together. I did save a couple thousand dollars though vs other tank manufacturers so that helps.

Would I buy from them again? Only if they were the lowest price by far AND if it were rimless or in my siutation where it will be completely covered except for the front glass.

Sounds fun!

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That's kind of what I gathered. That you get a solid aquarium, but seals are ugly.

I will be doing a hood, so the top won't be a big deal.

But the front left corner will definitely be visible for me and I'd like it to be "decent". :D

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If you go rimless I think that you will be in good shape, you are right about the tank being solid. Cleaning up the caulking on my tank took me about 30 minutes, not a big deal. I would have to take a picture to show you but the cross braces are glass which is cool b/c it doesn't cast a shadow but since its clear you can see all of the silicone used to glue them down. I can't clean that up.

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Seems like it would make maintenance a pain in the ***...

You'd have to reach around it anytime you're in the tank, cleaning salt, etc...

Is it done for no other reason than allowing thinner glass with no trim?

Long run is it better to go thicker glass and rimless?

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Don't forget DSA.

One thing with the Elos, the price generally includes everything(tank/stand/sump/plumbing/skimmer) except lights so the overall total cost may be

somewhat even.

I think Kingfish can get them, if you go that route.

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Once you get to a certain length it becomes almost impossible to do rimless because of flex in the glass. The Eurobracing eliminates any cross braces to block light.

Good point.

At 5', I think I'm still ok in the rimless area with 1/2" glass...at least that's what the calculators seem to say.

Glass cages, however, only builds a 5x2x2 tank (non-custom order) with what appears to be eurobracing on the front and sides and a cross-brace. They don't list a 5x2x2 rimless.

I'm definitely going to have to visit some knowledgeable people at the end of this month.

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