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RO/DI System Question


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I purchased a BRS RO/DI syste about a month ago as part of a group buy.

I've made maybe 100 gallons of water with it so far. I started it up today to make a few gallons and I noticed that the TDS meter on the output side is sitting around 50-80ppm. Previously it had always sat at 0 (after the first ten minutes or so).

I can't believe that the DI cartridge is failing after only 100 gallons? Maybe I got a bad one? Thoughts/suggestions?


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Does it go down after a few minutes? I run my RO/DI unit for a couple of minutes before setting the tubing in my catch tank. I do this because the water sitting in the filters may have a higher TDS. Just a thought. . .

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Hmm, that's weird. I purchased the same unit in January and my TDS meter has not even showed any TDS on the output side. I would suggest trying what Dave mentioned.

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