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RO/DI Setup


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I now have my RO/DI and three barrels (1)30g, (2)15g and will be setting them up in my laundry room. Each barrel has two 2" threaded caps. I stacked my washer dryer so I have a slot about 4' square. I have a Y with on/off to feed cold water to the RO and the washing machine. I purchased the auto-shutoff for the RO unit as well.

My question is, what is the best configuration for the barrels and how do I plumb this thing? Ideally I would be able to push water about 20' to my tanks using gravity, though I do have an extra Mag 9.5.

Here's the flow I imagine:

wall --> RO/DI unit

--> 30g barrel (for holding top-off water and water for mixing salt) --> Y divider with ball valve for each 15g???

--> 15 g barrels

I'm trying to decide: should the 30g be stood upright and the 15g ones on their side?

Suspend the float valve from one of the threaded inserts of the 30g?

Does the Mag pump have to be inside the barrel or can I put a long piece of pvc pipe to pull water from a barrel?

Any ideas or configurations?

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One thing you really don't want to do is to feed the top-off directly from the RO/DI water holder. I can't tell if this is your plan or not.

The reason is that if you have a leak or your ATO gets stuck on you will drain that tank (in this case around 30 gallons) and any additional water that the RO/DI can make while that's draining. Basically, massive flood that keeps going as long as the RO/DI is making water.

Oh, and you can put a Mag 9 outside. I use a single one for both mixing and feeding water to the tank for water changes (using ball-valves to control which direction it's pumping).

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If you have the room you may want to plumb the 15g containers together as a freshwater holding and use the 30g as the saltwater mixing tank. Not sure it would matter, but it would seem easier to mix one large container than 2 smaller ones.

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mike, are you thinking of running a constant (on-demand) feed from your laundry room to your tank for ATO?

OR are you wanting the mag 9.5 to just be there to push fresh saltwater to your tank?

Sorry, I should have been more clear, this is not for a constant (on-demand) feed. I currently have a reservoir and ATO on each tank so they are set. This setup is just for producing the RO water and serving as a mixing station for salt water.

The 30g will be the main RO reservoir. One of the 15g will be what I use to top off my ATO reservoirs in each tank (I can move the 15g containers fairly easily). One of the 15g will be used for my water changes, I only need about 15g for water changes at a time.

That make it any clearer?

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Kinda. We should just make a show on it. cool.gif

Note that the auto shut of switch has to be mounted vertically. That means that the float part of the switch has to move up and down on the Y-axis. If you turn the float 90 degrees, it won't work.

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I have a similar setup if you want to do a RO/DI show. I even need to change out two of my filters.

Also need to add a float valve to the setup so we could do that.

All in the garage.

fantastic. I've been wanting to do a show on the flow valve/auto shut off as I installed mine and I love that thing!

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