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ARC Valentine's Day Gift Suggestor feature!

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We are rolling out a new feature for premium ARC members: An ARC Valentine's day gift suggestion forum!

Here's how it works:

- Go to the "Valentine's Day Gift Idea" Forum under the Announcement section of the site

- Start a new topic with what you'd like to suggest to your spouse/significant other/partner, etc

- Include which ARC sponsor to get it from (a link to their website always helps). Please support our sponsors and only suggest products they carry.

- Add in the email address of your gift giver

Next, mcallahan will email your spouse/significant other/partner, etc to "suggest" the gift. The email will come from [email protected] and contain everything they need to purchase your gift.

Your spouse will then print the email out, take it with them to the store so the clerk can know EXACTLY what to buy you! No more boxes of chocolates to ruin your diet, roses that die in days or teddy bears that your dog eats. Instead...more cool fish stuff for your tank!

Start a post today and make this Valentine's day extra special!


- The forum is open to premium members only.

- You will only be able to see the post you started to retain privacy.

- email address will not be retained/sold/etc. We respect your privacy and honestly, we have better things to do than to sell your email address.

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Very cool idea! I didn't realize it was so affordable to become a premium member till the other day when I was checking it out.

Now I just need to follow through with the process.

Thanks for putting together cool features like this!

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