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Natural Sunlight

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Micro bubbles.

This is the outside show lagoon. A 75G glass tank drains to three separate 10G Rubbermade containers in series with 1 1/" 4 bulkhead . First tank is type of cryptic zone with the next two tanks as fast grow macros. When this 500G system absorbs 200 lb of farmed rock, fast detection and response is required. In one of my cycling tanks, I observed Prolifera triple in one day. When this rock was introduced. I call this a natural response aquarium.

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Growth rate is difficult to establish with so many changes. During the winter with Red Ogo, I pushed this system to produce 35 fold increase in macro in one month. You can do that with a 1000W MH, not recommended for the casual hobiest. Overdriving a system has many effects. Undesirable micro does not look good on the dinner plate. I also used wasted heat from MH to assist maintaining heat on this outside exterior system. At present with this farmed rocks I have found good and bad by overdriving.

It was collected in 30' of water, not very bright compared to our reef tanks. A case in point is a beautiful Red Lettuce Coral came in on a rock so large it pushed the lettuce near the surface. Above that rock was a 400W 14K MH. The Red Lettuce in now pail pink. With so much muti tasking, I had not noticed the fade in color. I actually thought that it was a calcified macro. This rock is now in my newest set up, a 55G tank five feet above the ground at a window looking to the east. It sets above a second tank at 18" above the ground. A tale of two tanks, subject matter for a book. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

Both tanks have T5 lighting and 4' window looking to the east. Bottom tank had 4W per gallon, top tank has 2W per gallon. I am considering replacing 10K lamp with actinic to bring PAR values down on top tank. Top tank would have two actinic T5 with indirect sunlight all day. I will use this low light to help establish standards and expected results. It will take some time to establish that.

Dancing light is a unique effect that appeals to me. With this particular tank, during this time of year with the sun, it gets an hour of direct sunlight. Much heat enters the water and yesterday, during that time of day all supplemental lights off and cooling fans on. While I like actinics effect, it does not hold my attention as well as "dancing light".

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