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  1. Hello! Would anyone by chance have a 75 maybe a 90 gal tank and stand they want to get rid of? I wanted to try here first before I check with river city. I currently have a 20gal and I’m looking for an upgrade. Thanks!
  2. Hello, Powerhead: The one I used for mixing salt finally died on me. So I’m looking for something I could drop in a 5gal bucket and get the job done. Return pump: Currently using some generic pump rated at 180gph (I think) for my 20gal. Looking for something a little more powerful. Thanks!
  3. Hello! I’m in the market to add a splash of color to the tank, ideally something for the bottom. I was thinking mushrooms and/or some low light sps. Thanks!
  4. Hello, I’m on the lookout for an EcoTech Reeklink and hoping to save a few bucks on a used one. Thanks!
  5. Interested in #1 and #17. Can pick up today or tomorrow. 512-766-8406.
  6. Hi there, I’m trying to startup my old 20gal nuvo fusion but I don’t have a stand. Hoping someone here would have one for sale. Tank dimensions: Length: 24” Width: 15” Height: 13”
  7. Nope the bio cube stand is a bit short length wise. I looked into that or maybe even just a dresser haha
  8. Hi everyone! I’m trying to start up my 20gal nuvo but I’m missing a stand. I don’t the time to make a diy stand, so I was wondering if anyone here might have something I could use. Tank Dimensions: Length - 23.6” Width - 15”
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