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  1. Found all the parts except he lid. Since its a 5 gallon salt bucket you can use that lid or leave it uncovered.
  2. Yes Give me 2 days to find it. Tomorrow Im booked.
  3. looks good Maybe have the builder frame out a stand for that tank
  4. Gone.... done been picked up I have a 7 lb un-opened bag. You can have it. You will need to send a UPS call tag so the driver can pick it up at my location.
  5. Pictures should be at eye level. That applies to show tanks too. Lookin good
  6. It would be a thought if it was by itsself however I dont want to add fluconozole to my system. I have a good balance right now in the main tank and dont want to mess with it
  7. Thanks There is an increase in nuisance algae. I have rock attached ulva which is new to my tank and some bryopsis. Since the tank has only snails They wont eat the stuff. In the big tank the critters and fish make sure its cleaned up. I am not sure what to do in this tank. I never had hermits, just to eat algae. I dont know if they eat the stuff or not. I dont think there is enough to support a tux urchin. Maybe I will ask at the dome tomorrow, unless someone has suggestions.
  8. New Issue in over fed tank. Even though its plumbed to the 600 I am getting some while film growing under rock edges. Its about 1/4 inch long . Likes the dark I guess. I think it could be bacteria. Any idea besides feeding less what might help curtail it?
  9. It is still open today hoooraaay
  10. I can not reply to posts or edit my posts. I go it to work by updating firefox to 73.0.1
  11. I got it to open sort of. The bottom half is open. I pointed a power head at the bottom. Its on low. After 2 hours it opened.
  12. First you need to find a always open solenoid the the tubing will fit into. Then you need a sensor pad and something for the sensor to report to, which will shut off the solenoid.. I dont have time to look for a cheap solution today. But im sure there is something out there.
  13. Ok here is 2 pictures. As you can see the yellow has open polyps and the red does not. After feeding some stuff does stick to the base of where they open but they just wont open.
  14. https://aquariumdepot.com/red-gorgonian-gorgonia-sp-sm/ Will take a shot when the lights are on
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