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  1. Dogfish

    fuge reverse flow plenum will it work

    Remember that nice clean fuge.....Well its now covered with a mat of 1" thick ulva with some hair mixed in. Lot of green slime and other stuff growing on the glass. The red macros have been moved to the DT. Here is a picture of one of the beds. Fish picking at pods or eating the stuff.
  2. Dogfish

    FarmerTy Fall Bash Meeting

    Dont cut up the flame angel. I will buy the whole thing.
  3. Dogfish

    Plumbing curing question - how long?

    Me No pressure = a few min for the glue to set up. Med Pressure = 15 min to 1 hour depending on temp. and air circulation.
  4. Dogfish

    WTB Large Tank - 125+ gallons

    So we are playing with fire (water) are we now?
  5. Dogfish

    Dosing pump on a budget. Jebao DP-4

    Are ya'll still happy with this?? Im planning on using it to dose 1ml or 2 ml, 3 to 6 times a day, of a phyto mixture into my rotifer cultures.
  6. Dogfish

    Live rotifers

    I dont see any responses. DId you find any? My clowns just laid the first round of eggs. They have been in the tank for a few months now. I am going to restart my roti cultures soon. Maybe a month down the road I can transfer a batch of eggs to a small tank and see if I can raise some.
  7. Dogfish

    ARC...looking forward to learning from y'all!

    Howdy. Open your wallet and you will just fine here.
  8. Dogfish

    List yours: Smallest break::Biggest PITA

    Not a failure of equipment but of brain power. This one is besides the many ones of leaving something on that overflows and floods the floor. I spent a good part of an hour trying to figure out why a new EB8 would not show up on my Apex. Come to find out, Apex pre labels the outlets with names. It was there the whole time, I just didnt notice.
  9. Dogfish

    New to ARC

  10. Dogfish

    Reeflakes Swap

    I need a bag of Reefflakes Grand Select 4.5 mm I have a bag of both of these sizes to trade. You pick what size you need. Miniflakes - 2.0mm Reefflakes - 3.0mm
  11. Dogfish

    Deep water Atlantic reef

    Anybody got a big o chiller
  12. Dogfish

    Nitrate .50 Phos.03 Now what? Coral frenzy?

    I ordered Sodium Nitrate and Postassium Phosphate My calculations come out close to this; Sodium Nitrate for 500 gallon 335 grams in 1 gallon of water / dose 30 ml of solution to raise 1ppm Potassium Phosphate for 500 Gallons 100 grams in 1 gallon of water / dose 1ml of solution to raise by .01ppm My plan will be to dose 1/2 the amount of sodium nitrate solution above and then test. If nothing goes wrong I will dose another 1/2 and test. Phosphate I will dose the 1ml and test, then another test, then another until my hanna ul sees the change. I plan to double my tank levels and let it sit for a week. If that goes ok I will keep them up with dosing. If that goes ok I will try to raise them again. Does this sound like a reasonable plan of trying to keep the current ratio?
  13. Dogfish

    Nitrate .50 Phos.03 Now what? Coral frenzy?

    Sierra Bravo what brand are you dosing?
  14. Dogfish

    Nitrate .50 Phos.03 Now what? Coral frenzy?

    Timfish if I dose nitrates will that lower my phosphates which I do not want to happen?
  15. Dogfish

    The Maroon Lagoon V2.0

    Ok now I cant wait any longer. I need a nem fix.