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  1. Dogfish

    ReefHaus 75 Gallon Resurrection

    I did use the Hillyard product. I think other companies make epoxy coatings for floors, that use a primer that will adhere to concrete or wood. You can prob go to a paint store and ask them. They would know what you need for sure. With the Hillyard stuff you have to put down the primer/ base coat and then put down the epoxy within 24hrs. Im not sure how flexible it is once dry. You coat over it with a third coat that protects the epoxy. I put down 2 of these coats to be sure. Adds the shine. I think I got the flakes online (amazon). You can make the basin out of anything stationary. You dont want it to move and crack the epoxy. People use rubber, EPDM, flexable epoxy, or what they call shower pan liner (avail at the home depot). For a seam tape ask the paint store about fiberglass mesh tape for tile work. You could even be fancy and use tile board and tile the basin like a shower.
  2. Dogfish

    Breaking down the 40 gallon breeder

    Nice stuff
  3. Dogfish

    ReefHaus 75 Gallon Resurrection

    I have worked with EPDM sheets. The main issue is bonding to the substrate. Surfaces need to be clean and smooth before the glue is applied I have also done epoxy. Thats what I did on my fish room floor. I used a products that did not require acid etching. I do have a floor drain but found the spills and accidents I have had were easy to clean up with a shop vac rather than pushing it all down the drain. This is what I used. Since it was new concrete I just damp mopped my floor. My wall edges were concrete, very rough and you could see pebbles. I coated the .... out of the sides. I have never used rubber paint. I assume its a bit like doing epoxy. You want the surface to be dry (ESP NEW CONCRETE) and clean. Sometimes products require a primer so they will stick to the substrate. To prevent moist air from getting underneath and moisture from coming up thru the ground and lifting the coating. You can do a strip test if you think moisture is coming up form the ground. You dont want bubbles to form that can be punctured or cause it come come off vertical surfaces. Any cracks, seams and places where you have wood frame meet floor will need to be filled with crack sealer or seam tape. When applying, if its like epoxy, dont be shy about putting down the proper amount per sq foot. I think with rubber, you come back and add more layers to build up the thickness. If this is the case be sure not to apply too much in 1 coat. It can cause it not to dry properly. Be sure to youtube for more info on your application Hope this helps a bit
  4. Dogfish

    I have an ARC secret admirer...

    You and a few others. She smells a bit fishy to me.
  5. Dogfish

    Steven's LED Biocube 32 - First Tank

    All I can say is pray to the stick gods and keep trying different things. You will hit the sweet spot eventually.
  6. Dogfish

    July 4th Frag Tank Freedom

    I will take PM 57 LA Lakers scroll coral large 25 58 WWC Grafted Cap Colony 40 59, 60 monti cap w/small graft 10
  7. They have a discount on some MAP priced items for the 4th I got a good deal on a reeflo pump, compared to BRS pricing https://premiumaquatics.com/
  8. Dogfish

    ReefHaus 75 Gallon Resurrection

    here ya go. ; Gardens at Teravista - Round Rock, TX
  9. Cleaning house (garage) in Wimberley. So far I have this BRS Calcium Chloride 7 lb bag $10 new https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/7-pounds-bulk-calcium-chloride-bulk-reef-supply.html Hydro auto feeder used 1 time $10 https://www.amazon.com/Hydor-Automatic-Fish-Feeder-Connection/dp/B0002Z7VQY?ref_=bl_dp_s_web_3118478011 B-ionic Magnesium 32oz $5 new https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/esv-b-ionic-magnesium.html Aqueon type 55 gallon glass tank 48” with Coral Life 2 bulb T-5 light $75 used https://www.fishtanksdirect.com/aqueon-tank-black-48x13x20-55-gal.aspx https://www.amazon.com/Coralife-Aqualight-FRESHWATER-Aquarium-Lighting/dp/B008LZNGFC Jebao 4 head doser new $50 https://www.amazon.com/Jebao-Programmable-Auto-Dosing-DP-4/dp/B014KKCILE?SubscriptionId=AKIAILSHYYTFIVPWUY6Q&tag=duckduckgo-ffab-20&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=B014KKCILE Red Sea Part A and Part B sample boxes (free)
  10. Dogfish

    Calcium Reactor and Low PH

    I wont try to give an ipinion . My tank ph was 8.2 before and 8.07 after the reactor. It is now 8.4 a year later Here is some info from reef keeping magazine Troubleshooting: Low Tank pH After adding a calcium reactor, many aquarists complain that the pH of the tank is lower than it was previously. Aquarists often think that excess CO2 in the effluent that has not had time to react with and dissolve the media is the reason for the reduced pH. However, remember that the calcium reactor is adding alkalinity, mainly in the form of bicarbonate, (which itself will depress the tank pH) until excess CO2 is degassed into the atmosphere. Some of the bicarbonate is then converted into carbonate. This is very similar to the effect observed when adding sodium bicarbonate to your tank as a buffer. In order to rid the tank of any excess CO2 and maintain a good pH, it is essential to have good circulation at the air/water interface. The pH can also be boosted by using limewater as top-off water. Limewater (also known as kalkwasser) works by using the CO2 in the tank water and the hydroxide ions from the limewater to increase the alkalinity. In turn, removal of the excess CO2 leads to an increase of the tank pH. Another popular technique to remove excess CO2 is to degas the effluent, either by running it through an additional container of calcium carbonate chippings or by dripping the effluent into a small container housing an air stone. Results from these methods vary, with some aquarists reporting significant increases in alkalinity or pH and others seeing little observable difference (probably due to different calcium reactor designs and their effectiveness). With both of these methods you must be careful. As the pH is driven back up towards natural seawater levels, some of the bicarbonate is converted into carbonate. Once the water becomes supersaturated with carbonate, it will be more inclined to precipitate onto calcium carbonate surfaces, and some alkalinity will be lost.
  11. Dogfish

    Steven's LED Biocube 32 - First Tank

    The reason you would do a test now is to see what might be in your water. In 6 months to a year when your tank becomes stable it might be useful to compare, now and then. Like stated above; if you have something weird going on you cant really measure it might be of use to figure it out.
  12. Dogfish

    The Maroon Lagoon V2.0

    Thats really sucky. You do have a nice salad mix going on there
  13. Dogfish

    What are your other hobbies?

    Boston Bruins ??? 75 a week is pretty impressive. Especially on that bike. Strava or Map My Ride ?
  14. Dogfish

    Calcium Reactor setup recommendations

    What media are you going to run? Are you adding any magnesium to your tank now? If so, I would add something like NeoMag - High-purity Magnesium Media to your reactor to help keep mag up