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  1. They are having a 1 day sale. Got a pair of A360WE for $540.00 10% off all Clearance Items PLUS 25% Use Promo Code: WHCLEAR25 at checkout. 1 Day Only http://www.saltysupply.com/clearance.html?utm_source=Consumers&utm_campaign=72ed8dff9b-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2017_09_24&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_6811768898-72ed8dff9b-19048889&mc_cid=72ed8dff9b&mc_eid=006f4830ca
  2. Trough, tank and some dry rock

    I could use the tank if its still avail (four 15) 244 1987
  3. Greetings Texas from Florida

    There are not really any set rules just good practices. All corals are different. Flow and lighting are your guides to placement. They need flow, softies not as much as SPS and LPS. They need light but not too much as too sun burn them. You can always move them if they are not happy. Most important, place them so they have room to grow and you can see them.
  4. Sump build acrylic supplier and cutting

    On the last seam, I did place a tape line on the application side close to the joint. I pulled the tape before the #40 had a chance to set and it did make for a good line. I will do that on all my seams from now on and make sure no acrylic is exposed to slobber on. I also cut the protection paper off using a razor blade on some seams. Lazy way. This left a small line. No biggie on the sump but will have to take more time and peel back the paper by hand on the DT. I found the #40 flows better when applied to a non sanded edge. I dont think this would make a strong joint as the surface would be too smooth for good adhesion.
  5. Sump build acrylic supplier and cutting

    I have the same issue. This sump is 3/8 and this is an interior baffle seam. One side is pretty clean the other has bubbles all over it. Since its a sump and not going to show I was not too concerned. On my DT I will not have any baffles to worry about just the bottom seams. The tank will be framed, picture frame style on the bottom and top edges, so appearance will not be an issue. Its an outside corner tank with 2 sides facing out. 1 corner edge will face out with no way to hide it, so that seam will need to be perfect.
  6. Tank - Sump Build 500 gal +

    Got the sump in place and hooked up the pumps. Next step is to order the acrylic for the tank.
  7. Tank - Sump Build 500 gal +

    Kewl I saved the cutouts from the holes I drilled out. I will bevel them so they fit inside the sock top and try to drill some evenly spaced holes. Maybe a threaded screw in the center for a handle. Geo's on the cheap....
  8. Tank - Sump Build 500 gal +

    So those things fit inside the sock and center piece is to make them easy to pull out?
  9. DB's 82 Custom

    No hiding stuff like this behind a cabinet unless its see thru. Very nice.
  10. Tank - Sump Build 500 gal +

    Sump is almost done. Needs a few more days to cure, add water and hope that flex seal is not needed. Nothing fancy. Water will enter into the chamber back right, overflow into the filter socks then out into the middle chamber. It will be full of rock for some added bacterial filtration. That chamber has a bulkhead for the pump to the skimmer. The skimmer will also return water to the same chamber. Then over the hump and thru the spaghetti mat ending up on the far left. From there it will be pumped back to the tank and reactors. There will also be a small pump in that chamber to pump water out when needed for water changes. Will add some bracing across the top back and front and find some glass pieces to use as covers once I have all the plumbing dry fitted. (grammar is prob not correct ?)
  11. Sump Kits

    You might want to call a glass place and price out the 3 pieces of glass for a comparison. That way you can get any size used tank. You will still need a 25.00 filter sock holder. Pictures of the kit look good.
  12. Sad, Sad day :(

    Sorry to hear about the loss. Pets, they are great and under proper care ( prob spoiled rotten) they live very happy full lives.
  13. Tank - Sump Build 500 gal +

    Tanks done, Not. Made a square coral viewer box, so I can have a clear view down into the tank from the top. I really needed to practice the seam welding with #40.
  14. Tank - Sump Build 500 gal +

    Started on the sump. Making sure the sides are at a right angle to the back. Those 90 degree vice clamps are nice. I cut out channels in the backing paper so I could rough up the smooth surface for a better bond and not sand outside the glue lines. Before apply the solvent I peeled back more of the paper. Managed to glue in a few baffles. Waiting for glue to dry and set is like watching paint dry or waiting for water to boil.
  15. Sump build acrylic supplier and cutting

    I figured out how to make a bubble free joint. Piece of cake, sort of. The thinner helped a lot. Filling from the inside makes the outside that was taped an easy clean up with a router and some polishing. I am having an issue on my sump baffles. The tape side ends up looking like crap and not easy to clean up. Too much outflow. I tried putting the tape in more of a 90 degree bend at the joint, to keep too much glue from escaping the joint. That does not allow air to escape, causing the joint to not fill all the way thru. I have to go back after its dry and fill from the other side. I found the same issue when I used cellophane tape. Maybe you have another idea? More of a pain than anything.