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  1. I would borrow a refractometer that is known to be in working order and check with it before changing the tank anymore. Or Get some new fluid. 1.025 cal solution reading 1.028 is not normal but as you say its old and may not be good. 12 cups is only 3/4 gallon
  2. So along with some white pod flat worms I have noticed some red ones in the fuge. They seem to be only on the glass and macro. I plan on treating it with flat worm exit. Since I can turn off the flow to the main tank, The fuge is a separate tank. I will wipe down the glass, dose the fuge with the product. Wait a bit then change out 100% of the water. Wipe and drain a second time then refill. Does any one think this will cause an issue with anything like tube worms in the main tank or sponges in the sump? I have not seen any in the main tank but I think a wrasse or 2 is in the near future. Also I have read, blue nudi's will eat them. Does anyone know if I can keep 1 or 2 in my fuge? What else do they eat ? Any inverts eat them?
  3. My screen for the controller dims itself sometime during the night and in the day returns to full brightness. I have never noticed this before. Anyone have this happen or is my screen going out?
  4. Dogfish

    Giant stream pump

    Hydrowizard pump? That is prob it 50,000gph
  5. Dogfish

    Giant stream pump

    I was at the Stienhert aquarium and saw this giant stream pump. It was about a foot in diameter and 2 feet long. Looked like it was powered by a submersible pump the size of a hammerhead. Looks like it was mounted to a 10” I beam. But it was underwater so prob acrylic.Any body know what it is?
  6. Dogfish

    Austin Boil Notice

    Just measured mine. Its down to 15 with all this rain. Got to love that rain water.
  7. Dogfish

    Austin Boil Notice

    You could use it for drinking water. I seriously doubt that boiling will get rid of all the sewage, petroleum products and pesticides that were upstream in the flood. Who knows how much of that they will let thru.
  8. Dogfish

    FarmerTy's 215 gallon - No Water Changes SPS Tank

    Who has live black worms? The dome does not carry them.
  9. Dogfish

    New to Reefing

    Welcome. Yes the hobby can be expensive. Look for used tanks and equipment. People move, get bigger / smaller tanks all the time. If you have some time your tank will pop up on the internet. The forum here (for sale) or some other sale site. Buying used can come with problems. New stuff not so much. Get as much info about the tank and equipment that comes with it.
  10. Dogfish

    Jen’s Red Sea reefer 350

    I see you both have money. If you need a lawyer look me up . I'll work both sides for the right fee.
  11. Dogfish

    It's about time i got on here

  12. Dogfish

    Super low calcium

    A quote from Randy's article in Reef Keeping magazine. Since your Alk is already high.......... http://www.reefkeeping.com/issues/2004-05/rhf/ For these reasons, I suggest that aquarists maintain a calcium level between about 380 and 450 ppm. I also suggest using a balanced calcium and alkalinity additive system for routine maintenance. The most popular of these balanced methods include limewater (kalkwasser), calcium carbonate/carbon dioxide reactors, and the two-part additive systems. If calcium is depleted and needs to be raised significantly, however, such a balanced additive is not a good choice since it will raise alkalinity too much. In that case, adding calcium chloride is a good method for raising calcium.
  13. Dogfish

    Relocating from Chicago!

    I heardTy has free room and board if you buy 10 frags.
  14. Dogfish

    Relocating from Chicago!

    Bring money ahhahahahahahah welcome Austin has a good reef scene . And no snow with 100 mph winds.
  15. Dogfish

    fuge reverse flow plenum will it work

    Remember that nice clean fuge.....Well its now covered with a mat of 1" thick ulva with some hair mixed in. Lot of green slime and other stuff growing on the glass. The red macros have been moved to the DT. Here is a picture of one of the beds. Fish picking at pods or eating the stuff.