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  1. Humble fish has confirmed that you can eliminate velvet with TTM if done within 36 hours. https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/tank-transfer-method.192655/page-23#post-6971277
  2. Tank Transfer Method = TTM https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/tank-transfer-method.192655/
  3. I am doing the TTM plus . The Plus is the new 36 hour TTM for a few times to eliminate Velvet. Friday -Next morning 7AM over to new tank because of a bacterial bloom. Day 2 - 1st transfer at 36 hours Sat. 7pm Day 4 - 2nd transfer at 36 hours Monday 7am Day 5 - 3rd transfer at 36 hours Day 7 - 4th transfer at 36 hours Day 10 - 5th transfer at 71 hours Day 13 - 6th transfer at 71 hours Also dosing Prazi Pro at 6 and 13 days and will feed Metroplex a few days
  4. Everyone is ok but me Yellow tang, Kole Eye tang, Emperor angelfish, Banded butterfly or Sailfin tang. Im not sure which. I did not pick them out so was not paying any attention to what it was. I didnt look at the price either. Its small so hard to tell. Plus it hides a lot unless the lights are out.
  5. I got the hare yesterday. Pretty kewl. Ate its way about 1 foot up the tank side. Assume its full, and since its daylight, it is sleepin. Now for the fun stuff. Got 2 tangs an angel and a butterfly. Had the QT tank all set up a day in advance. Put the fish in and they all got fired up eatin live worms. Fed some frozen before lights out. 2 hours later the tank went cloudy. Waited over night for it to clear and by 4 am its was still whitesh. I think it was a bacterial bloom from the air stone. Stone was dry for about 3 months. Nothing like a 4am get second tank ready routine. Kinda like having babies in the house.
  6. Right now is a hard time to keep my fish room regulated. One day its freezing so heater dries the room out. Next day it humid as can be outside and 80 degrees. I dont want to turn on the a/c just to keep the fish room cool and dry.
  7. Abalone and Sea Hare questions: Since I turned my remote fuge into a rock nem / non photo coral tank it gets over fed a bit. That with the fact its not a waste removal tank any more I have a good crop of hair algae on my back two display tank panels. I was thinking of getting both of these for fun and for work. Forget dosing or cleaning off the panels. This is an opportunity for some fun. Will they both climb the glass? What is the life span of both? Big ones or little ones? Who has the best supply? Any other keepers? Cheers
  8. looks great One of those doors is crooked
  9. I have an extra one of these. You will need to supply an air pump. Can be used for Rotifers or Pods https://reefnutrition.com/product_compact_culture_system.php
  10. I would look at the youtube videos. From there you can figure out what sort of set up will work best for your time and space. The cultures of both are pretty easy to get.
  11. They now seem to be trying to get the best spots. A little pushing and shoving going on.
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