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  1. Dogfish

    The Maroon Lagoon V2.0

    I would put down some of that kitchen mat that you find in restaurants That way the floor will dry and mold will not grow under the sump
  2. Dogfish

    WTB Dosing System

    I have a new in box Jebao DP-4 Dosing pump if you are looking to go the economy route.
  3. Dogfish

    Planning a new in-wall tank

    I have 4ea 20 amp circuits for the tank room. They are on a separate panel outside with other 2 other circuits for fridge, water storage tank pump and its UV unit ( so we can flush the toilet and drink water in case of power outage) and some lights. This has a transfer switch so a generator will kick on in case of a power outage. I use a continuous duty exhaust fan in the tank room vented thru the roof. The room has an air duct for heat and A/C . No separate unit.
  4. Dogfish

    Planning a new in-wall tank

    Since you are pouring foundation, think about a recessed floor with drain. This way if you lose a few hundred gallons it will just go down the drain not out into a room. Have them epoxy the tank room floor when they come back to polish your main floor. A nice faux marble look to the tank room floor maybe?
  5. Dogfish

    WTB slighty used T-247 B

    Looking for a deal on a gently used light. Trying to wait until black friday but........ Tank mounting arms not needed.
  6. Dogfish

    Birthday Present

  7. Dogfish

    Victoly's 210........

    Do they monitor their own battery condition?
  8. Dogfish

    Coming back To saltwater /reef hobby

  9. Dogfish

    Coralz for Sale - Zoas and softies

    What are they mounted on? NW Austin? Do you come South anytime during the week? PM me
  10. Dogfish

    WTB Heater(s) for 90gal plus 50gal sump

    I have a 55 that you could make into a sump if you want to go that route
  11. Dogfish

    Tons of Coral for sale

    Do you have 2? I will take them both
  12. Dogfish

    Tons of Coral for sale

    Gold Cristata torch - $15 picture?
  13. Dogfish

    RO/DI 300GPD

    It is this unit correct with all the pieces? If so I will take it cdn.bulkreefsupply.com/media/wysiwyg/PDFs/BRS 5 Stage SPARTAN Instructions.pdf
  14. Dogfish

    New tank cycle

    If you have livestock in the tank do not add ammonia.
  15. Dogfish

    New tank cycle

    I dont have any experience with ATM bacteria. If you do not have nitrites a good test is; add ammonia until you have a level of 2ppm then test 24 hours later. If ammonia is 0 and no nitrites are present then your tank is ready for livestock. How big a tank and how many fish is the next question. If you add too many, too fast, you will get more ammonia than the tank can process.