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  1. Sump build acrylic supplier and cutting

    Thanks Timfish How hard is #40 to mix and work with? How do you create a 1mm gap and still get the # 40 into the whole surface of where the 2 pieces meet? Will the pin method work? If so how long do you wait before pulling the pins? Cheers
  2. I have started on my tank build. I need to build the sump. I found 2 suppliers of cast acrylic sheet in Austin that do cuts. Since the sump is 60" x 30" I need accurate cuts with minimal blade marks so i dont have a lot of waste. I can do this with 2 sheets. Does anyone have any experience with either Regal or Laird here in Austin? Laird is a bit cheaper than Regal but im not familar with how good either of them are at cutting. Cheers
  3. Reef Tank set up in Kyle - Help needed

    Looking at the drawing i see what the previous owner did. I can come over and explain how it goes together and what i would change. Call me. You have 1 long Internal overflow box with 2 drains (Herbie), we can make those pretty silent. Both drains need to go into the first sump. The skimmer should go in the first sump (its internal yes?). The second sump can be your refugium, with the return to the tank coming out of it.The return pump you have can be internal or external so it will be your choice. Kinda depends on any holes that are all ready there. They can be plugged if needed.
  4. Reef Tank set up in Kyle - Help needed

    Hey Marvollo, I live in Wimberley and could come over and help you get started. Its not all that hard once you figure out what creatures you want inside your tank. I had a 125 for 2 years. Made my own stand and turned a 55 into a sump. I also had a closed loop for added circulation. Kessels for lights, all computer controlled. Give me a call if you are interested. 415 Two Four Four 198 Seven
  5. 55 gal tanks

  6. 55 gal tanks

    Im looking for 2 used 55 gal tanks to use for ATO water storage and salt mixing. "Cheap" Max length 48" Max width 18". Acrylic would be nice but will settle for glass if it can be drilled. Your Junk is my treasure Cheers
  7. Sump needed

    Im working on my tank room and need a large sump....cheap. Needs to be around 200+ gallons. Can be 2 seperate containers. Max width 36". Height between 18" to 24". Length 72" max. No equipment will be in the sump just water, rock,filter socks and ATO sensors. I will need to cover it to prevent evaporation. Will need to drill it for bulkheads. Best solution so far is 2 Chemtainers 120 and 90 gal. with lids. Looked at rubbermaid stuff but too tall or not big enough. 2ea 120 gal " long" plexyglass tanks would be ideal but out of my price range for new ones. Cheers
  8. Dan and Meg's 240 Gallon Long

    Awesome set up. I have a question about your BML lights. How do you like the 20..K lights? Now that you have them would you have done the lighting any different? I too like the shimmer of the Kessels and will need some addtional lighting for my tank. Responding to your question about the grande skimmer on my welcome thread... The opening in the corner of that wall is 5'X5'x3'. The tank will not be quite that tall but should come out somewhere around 600 gal. Best wishes a on getting rid of those pesky things in your tank.
  9. Cheers

    Thanks for all the hello's. Funny thing about tank pictures. I had some on my phone that i took when I was selling everything. When I left the company I was working for, they were kind enought to give me the iPhone and number I had for the last 10+ years. However when it went into my name, I discovered they had wiped it clean. Contacts, pictures, apps ..all were gone. No more pictures of Nemo, Dory, or Pierre and their coral home. I do have a picture users might like. I took this the other day when it arrived. Thats a Pepsi can next to it.
  10. Cheers

    Cheers My name is Dana and I recently moved to Wimbeley from San Francisco. I had to give up my 125g in the move to here. Im looking forward to meeting all the fine folks here at ARC. In the next few months I hope to start on my new tank build, now that its stopped raining like crazy. (I had a few problems with my yard washing down the hill.) I see that you are having the big C4 next Sat which I plan on attending. See you there.