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  1. Today is my son's Graduation. Yeah he did it!

  2. WTB ~29g All in one tank

    I have a bio cube that has live sand, live rock and if you want them some shrooms. The sand and rocks are full of copepods. LMK if this sounds like something you would like and ill send picks. Oh there are some snails in it also. Thanks much, Johns P.s your box is full.
  3. WTB ~29g All in one tank

  4. 22 Gal Bow Front Tank

    I am willing to meet in Austin if someone wants this but does not want to make the drive.
  5. Cleaning Out Corners

    Trickle Filter Sold
  6. Cleaning Out Corners

    Any offers or trades are welcome. Enjoy the great weather this weekend.
  7. 22 Gal Bow Front Tank

    Any offers or trades are welcome. Have a great weekend.
  8. 22 Gal Bow Front Tank

    This is a 22 gal rimless tank. As you can see it has everything built into it. It still needs a little cleaning. It does have a chip on the right hand side. Still holds water. It was a great tank for me but I just went a little bigger. I have a coralife light on it and the bulb has about 3 months of use. The stand is in good shape. Does have a little water damage and one hinge has rusted but still works fine. I used it as a fish only tank but somehow had a few shrooms end up in it that did fine. Asking $200 or best offer.
  9. Cleaning Out Corners

    In order to stay in my wife's good graces, I have agreed to clean out some of the equipment I have accumulated. Pictures are listed below. Here is a list of what I have to offer: 2 Prizm Protein Skimmers - $50 each obo 1 Super Skimmer - $75 obo 1 Oceanic Trickle Filter Model 150 (with bioballs) - $75 obo Sold 1 20 x 6.5 x 15.5 sump (good for probably up to 60 gallons) - $75 obo
  10. VHO Reflectors

    I am looking for some VHO reflectors to fit a 4 bulb set-up. I am working with 48" bulbs. Just need reflectors. I have the bulbs and the ballasts. Let me know what you have. Thanks much.
  11. Damsels

    So the day has come when I have gotten the devil fish out of my tank. If anyone has a fish only tank or just need some fish to cycle I have the fish for you. It is a blue velvet damsel. It will eat any type of polyp that you have in your tank. NOT REEF SAFE!!!!! Also, I have 2 yellow tails and a domino. They just need a new home. If they don't get one, then they may just end up at the LFS. Just let me know if you know anyone that can use them. Thanks much, John
  12. Reef Angel Controller

    So I have been in the market for a new controller and ran across Reef Angel Controller ( http://www.reefangel.com ) I was just seeing if anyone else has seen this before and what they thought about it.
  13. corals for sale zoa's, sps and chalice

    Thanks for everything. It is all looking great in the tank. It was nice meeting you.