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Nano Wavebox


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There were a pair of MP40w pumps on Reefcentral for $480...I wish I could have gone that route!

So, I finally decided to splurge a little and I bought the Tunze Nano Wavebox. I'm trying to keep pace with Mitch in the best flow arms race.

So my main reason for my post above was to inquire on everyone's opinion regarding flowrate through the sump. Before the Wavebox, I achieved my high, random flow through an oversized return pump. I have been using a Mag 18 to feed my chiller and to return water to my tank (~800-1000gph get pumped into my display). Since most of my flow issues will be resolved with my wavebox and other pumps, is there any real benefit to have high flow through my sump? Is a higher flow better for my in-sump skimmer?

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