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lighting for shrooms


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in my quest to get my girlfriend in to the hobby im thinking of setting up a tank in her new apt. nothing to crazy just a small 25 gallon with some shrooms and a pair of clowns. i dont want to go to crazy just some rock and maybe some shrooms. so my question is what if anything can be kept under standard florecents. i dont wanna drop alota cash to get it together cause i have mostly everything around the house. so im trying to avoid buying a crazy light set up.

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I was just reading an article from Calfo on this. Basically he was saying that most mushrooms actually do better in lower light (2w per G) and flourescents are just fine for this application. GARF also reccomends 48" NO lighting for thier shroom grow out tanks.

Maybe pick up the 70w MH from viper if you want better color? I just saw one on sale in the for sale section here. Also I think that light just looks slick.

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prolly just gonna stick with standard florescent bulb. its a small tank dont wanna go to crazy. my gf really doesnt really even care for me to set it up. its more for me to have something to look after there, and hopefully get her to take an interest in the hobby. maybe with it being at her place and being hers shell come around. we will see.

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