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NEW TANK(with some stuff in it)


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Well here is the start, everything seems to be doing fine. Had and issue saturday afternoon where my A/C went OUT!!!!! I had to realy baby sit the tank. Dont have my chiller yet, but the temp never got above 81. Also i my have my NEW Tunze Silence 1073.04 for sale(79-792 gal/hr). Its literaly 1 week old but i want some more flow for the main tank. If interested let me know. Wanting to get a MAG12. Thank to everyone who came to get the free corals i gave away and hope all is well with them.

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This set-up is beautiful!!! MUCH better in person as you get to open doors... ;-)

Your corals are doing just great and my son now has the krypto's as his favorite!!

Thank you again and hope to see you both soon,


and you are SO tempting me with your bow front...but please ignore me if I ever dare ask...

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Well look what showed up on my door-step today!!!!! No worries now about temperature problems. Dont know if everyone knew, i thought i posted about it. On saturday my A/C quit around 5pm and i was a little worried, didnt have A/C till around 10am on sunday. Cheap fix-was only a capasitor outside.had to cycle frozen bottled water from freezer to keep tanks cool.

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