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Rock with two SPS for sale


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I bought this a while back from someone selling out their tank. Both pieces have doubled in size, but I'm wanting to take SPS out of my main tank for a bit and this won't fit in my Solana. It's at least a 12" rock and there is some unknown bright green acro on it as well as a purplish monti (cap like, but currently encrusting) with blue polyps. Each piece has a little bit of die-off from recently changing my lights and not moving them to adjust...just on the tips of a couple of the green pieces and one small section on the side of the blue-polyp one. Has a couple of purple shrooms on the other side of the rock and another type of monti-cap in the middle that isn't quite dead, but not growing fast.

Asking $40...would love to move it quickly so make offers!. The photos are foggy because I stuck my hands in the tank again and moved stuff around. Can't really finish scaping until this is gone. Let me know if you have any questions.




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