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my softies for your LR or SPS?


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at first i wasnt sure but now its for real. im breaking down my softie tank and starting up an SPS tank and i need to clear out all the softies. since most of the stuff is attached to rocks ill need to replace alot of my rocks, so i need live rock. and since im starting an SPS tank, ill need that too.

i have;

an 11" tonga branch covered in GSP, 5 green frilly shroom and some orange monti cap.

an 8" tonga branch covered in nothing but GSP.

a very large (4"dia.) green sanctithomea (rhodactis?)

a couple of fist fulls of tubipora musica. (pipe organ)

two large frags (3" dia & 4" dia) of purple plate.

a colonie of neon geen mouth brown skirt zoas. (15+ heads)

a colonie of neon pink zoas, (6 heads? )

a colony of orange mouth green skirt zoas (9 head)

2 colonies of red mouth green skirt zaos (both about 10 heads and need a little love)

1 large and 1 small blue shroom

4 big cinnimon palys (palythoa grandis)

im actually in need of live rock more than frags, but ide absolutely love me some SPS if ya got it? my tank is only a biocube 14 and wont need a ton of rock so you would probably be safe offering up smaller pieces. if your interested just shoot me a PM with whatever you have to offer and hopefully we can strike up a deal? and im fairly easy to negotiate with especially now that i need this stuff gone so dont think that i wont accept any reasonable offer! ;)

ill try to get some decent pics up soon but ive been having problems photographing lately. not sure why exactly? sometimes i have it, sometimes i dont....

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i got those from www.yourreef.com out of roseville california.

i live in manor.

i figure that 1 colony of zoas is worth a small frag of SPS? nothing big or ultra extravigant. that or a few pieces of live rock? whatever your willing to part with that i dont already have? i probably wont be attending thge next meeting (typical of me ;) ) and i work in Austin so im there everyday. im not always there all day though. normally only in the morning while i load my truck and head off to some other city.

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