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Fish advice again


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Well, for some reason, I lost all my clown fish. They all just stopped eating, got skinny and disappeared. No ick, no velvet, no fin rot, nothing. Sucks.

So in my 90g I now have:

- purple tang

- Bengai cardinal

- 6 line wrasse

- chromis

This weekend i'll pick up a pair of clowns and a yellow watchman goby/pistol shrimp pair

I'm looking for suggestions for fish that'd make my tank well rounded - some swimmers, perchers, sand sifters, etc.

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Maybe a trio of Anthias? Also with all of the nice acans you have in your tank I would strongly advise that you DO NOT put any sandsifters in your tank!!! I have had them and they are a PITA!!! They keep the sand looking great, but they cover EVERYTHING in sand. Ive had them completely burry acans overnight and losed them.


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My diamond goby is a great sand sifter, but he covers everything that's in the sand. If you've got your acans on the sand I really wouldn't recommend one.

Hmm...my pink spot would make mounds, but i think he got eaten before I had any acans. I think I'll be safe with a yellow watchman...I had one in my 20g and he didn't sift...just sat there.

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My purple tang is insecure. He bullies anything that looks anything like him until the fish turns on him, then he runs away. He's scared of my Bengai cardinal!

1 tang is good for me. I don't want to risk the fights.

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ill secong the anthias trio. i have a dispar anthias in my tank. adds a lot of color to the tank. or the queen anthias would make a nice addition.

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