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Got a few things for sale. I just upgraded my lights so i guess i need to do a little house cleaning to help pay for them.

1. Tunze Nano Wavebox 6206. Only 1 month of use. Bought it from Aquatek for 350.00 with tax on 5-29-09. Everything included, Including box and all instruction manuals. Works great producing a wave of almost 2 inches on my 75 gallon. 300.00 takes it.

2. Coralife Lunar Aqualight 48". It has 4 65w bulbs, 2 10000k, 2 actinics and 4 lunar LED's which are indpendantly controlled. I have had this for about a year and a half and it has performed flawlessly. Comes with everything including the box and mounting legs. 120.00 OBO for the light.

3. Rena Filtstar XP2 cannister filter. Bought this when i first got my 75 about a year and a half ago. No complaints with this filter, i just realized i needed more skimming power and to do that needed to get a sump to put the skimmer in. Realisticly, it only has about 2 months of use. It comes with all plumbing and accessories. The only thig it does not have the the filter media which can be purchased from just about any pet store. 50.00 OBO for the filter.

I live in Buda but work in north Austin so i can pretty much deliver to anywhere in between.

Thanks for looking.


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