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Get One, Get some bang for the buck this 4th

John Maloney

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BOGO on some of our more popular species:

Florida ceriths - Buy one get one. (Limit 25)

Dwarf Ceriths - Buy one get one. (Limit 100)

Nassarius Snails - Buy one get one. (Limit 15)

Large Nerites - Buy one get one. (Limit 30)

Gracilaria - Buy One Get One

Mangroves - Buy one five pack, get two. (10 mangroves for $5).

Drum roll please:Discounts are allowed.

If you have a good picture of a nuisance algae we cannot identify, we will send you $10 off the next purchase. By good I mean if the picture was taken of a quarter, you could see old George's face without trouble.

How to take advantage:

When placing an order leave a note in the comments field to the effect of "BOGO", we will confirm later that we received the note. Let us know where you found it.

Bad News - some catches, you had to figure it:

-This week will be extremely busy, stock will fluctuate a bit daily

- The Sale ends on July 5th at 11:59pm EST. Payment must be processed at that time

- There will be only a few more shipments this week, because of the holiday we are limiting the amount of packages going out, so you may have to wait until Monday for your order to ship. However, we will be selling out of some species this week, it will be very busy. (We should get a large macro shipment in later in the week though, you can combine later for no additional shipping charge) However, hesitation gets us to the next point:

- No rainchecks. and..

- Shipping days will become booked quicker than normal, under the logo on our homepage and on the bottom right of every other page is a note about the availability of shipping days

- No holding for shipment later than next week. Except in the case that next week's shipping days become booked before the sale ends.

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For any of you newbies out there looking to start a tank, or wondering how to improve your tank, I HIGHLY encourage you to write reefcleaners and have them design a custom package for you. They will work into your budget and the crew they built for me keeps everything looking great.

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