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4x24w 24" T5 Fixture


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Like I said I'm interested in finding a good 24" T5 fixture, for about 200$, maybe more with newer bulbs. Something good for clams, sps etc. I have a fixture to trade as well. Its a Oddessey (let me finish ) fixture, thats had a fan replacement and has a new ballast. The ballast is an Icecap and is a 2007 model? Ill check later. It has 2x65w PC's as well with 1 original bulb in it and 1 UVL super actinic thats 2 months old. The current bulb is an Xm 10k and has 1 month on and off use on it. And I have a Phoenix 14k backup bulb with about 7 months on it. I can work things out, just looking to go cheaper on the bill.

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