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Captive Purity 75 GPD Deluxe RO/DI Filter System

Al Bendiksen

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Hey y'all,

I have used this bad boy (Captive Purity 75 GPD Deluxe RO/DI Filter System - Clear Canisters ) about (and no joke) 5 times. I bought it a while back so the actual contents that are inside

of the canisters have to be changed --- im selling it with the handle that allows to unscrew the canister. But it works like a charm. Im selling it because i found it easier to buy my water rather than make it lol, i was always afraid id forget about it and make a mess :D

Im asking for $150 for this unit. It is in great condition, the only thing that needs to be changed are the contents within the canisters (ie activated carbon). I have a bag of unused 1.25 lbs of Activated Carbon from Bulk Reef Supply that ill throw in.

As a side note, the only thing needed to change (in my opinion) would be the canisters. The DI is still

good as new and has well over 1 1/2 yrs left in it.

Selling at $ 150 ( cheap to what i bought it for lol)




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