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Small Tank raised Maroon clown for????

Capt. Obvious

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I purchased a maroon clown to "mate up" with my daughter's other maroon clown. However the "origional" maroon wasn't very friendly to the new (and much smaller) clown. So....i tried to put him in my larger tank (which already houses 2 pair of ocellaris) needless to say that didn't work out. My wife's tank already houses a pair of onyx clowns so that is out....he has now been relegated to life in the fuge which isn't all that fair as, although he eats like a king in there, there isn't a lot of room.

SOOOO....anyone want to trade for....dunno...almost anything...a bangaii cardinal...a tiny frag of something..whatever

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Find a trade yet? I have a piece of red cap that broke off attached to a rock that has some type of blueish greyish paly's growing on it (a dozen plus polyps if I remember right).


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